The Power of Listening To Music At Work

It’s 8:00 AM and you’ve just arrived to work. What’s the first thing you do? For many of, we plug in our headphones or turn up Spotify. Whether you work sitting at a desk, standing all day, or perhaps your job is really labor intensive – you probably enjoy listening to music while you’re on the clock. At BumbleBar, we’ve recognized the power of workplace music, so naturally, we wanted to share the benefits with you!

Ten Benefits of Listening To Music While Working:

1. Provide Noise Balance Throughout Your Week

If you work in a very noisy facility (like BumbleBar) or a very hushed office space, you may be experiencing auditory imbalance. Spending 8 hours a day in either environment can cause a slight delirium throughout your week. You can help balance things out by listening to music with wearing volume conscious headphones while listening to your favorite tunes.

2. Maintain a Positive Mood

This one seems obvious, but it’s a fact we often forget when we’re having a bad day at the office. A grouchy co-worker has you feeling frustrated? Your presentation didn’t go over well? Don’t let it bring you down. Turn on your favorite song, sing along and keep on keepin’ on!

3. Makes You Motivated To Work

Many times when I needed to buckle down and get stuff done, I’ve found music to be more helpful than a cup of coffee. I’m sure we all have a certain song that gets our hearts beating a little faster. Harnessing a song’s energy and transposing the emotion and passion into creative productivity can be a very powerful thing.

4. Helps You Complete The Task At Hand

When you’re relaxed and in your element, you’re more likely to succeed; a fact we presumably all know to be true. The same goes for our level of focus. When you’re listening to music, it becomes easier to block out the happenings of life around you, therefore making it simpler to work on a single task from start to finish. Instead of scrambling around unsuccessfully multi-tasking, check off your to-do’s one at a time.

5. Makes The Day Go By Faster

The boring and mundane day that never seems to end. We’ve all been there. Staring at the clock, counting down the minutes until we can make a sprint to our warm, cozy beds at home. If you’re experiencing one of those extra long days, it’s time you turned up the volume. Music will certainly brighten up your dull mood and help speed things along.

6. Remember Things Better

According to, learning requires your brain to analyze and remember instructions and facts. When music is on, however, your brain has to process [sensory] data on top of processing the instructions and facts. Because of this multitasking, the brain can interpret the instructions and facts improperly, either associating them in odd ways or making mistakes about what’s important enough to store. Thus, if you have to learn something at work, it’s best to turn off your music, especially if you’re learning verbally or through reading and the music has lyrics.

7. Complete Repetitive Tasks Faster

Are you doing a lot of the same ol’ thing over and over and over again? Repetition on the clock can be mundane and incredibly annoying, but thankfully, music can be your remedy. We recommend something with a consistent beat and catchy melody that encourages an upbeat, fast paced, constructive workplace.

8. Releases Dopamine In Your Brain

Okay, so how does this help me at work? Well, we’re getting to that. According to Crew, whether you’re listening to the beat of a Daft Punk song or a mellow Jack Johnson track, both have an effect on your brain that is not present in any other living animal. When humans listen to music, a part of our brain called the nucleus accumbens activates, triggering the release of the ‘pleasure chemical’ dopamine. Dopamine resides in a group of neurons called the brain’s Ventral Tegmental Area. Furthermore, people with higher levels of dopamine have shown increased amounts of motivation and drive. Obviously, these are characters highly valued in the workplace.

9. Provides A Sense of Solitude

It’s difficult for the mind to wander while your toes are tappin’ to Ms. Jackson. You’re probably not thinking about much, besides the song and whatever is laying directly in front of you. Take advantage of the faux isolation headphones can create and rid yourself of all distractions.

10. Creates Connections

Staying up to date with the latest music and album releases is not only entertaining, but it also can help you stay connected with those around you! Keeping an eclectic library of music gives you something to talk about with new clients or old coworkers or even your intimidating boss. People are all different, but one thing is sure – we all love music.

So, what kind of music do you listen to at work? Have you found any other benefits of music that we left out? Let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear what’s coming out of your headphones.

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