So Long, BumbleBars – An Announcement

Dear Friends,

Hello! This is Liz and Glenn Ward, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Creative Officer, Owners of BumbleBar.

First of all, we want to thank you for buying BumbleBars throughout the years. We’ve been making our revered bars for 27 years now. Without our satisfied customers, we would not be where we are today. I have immense gratitude for all of the kudos and support you’ve given us!

As we move forward with new projects, we have decided to discontinue the BumbleBar line of nutrition bars. We know how much you’ve loved these chewy, gluten-free, and organic bars chock full of sesame seeds. We’ll miss them too!

Our sister company is called Clean Copack. This is where we manufacture nutrition bars for other brands. We love to mentor young, emerging brands by providing them with research & development, manufacturing their bars, and providing the packaging and labeling required. Helping and servicing other brands is the direction our energy and resources are currently supporting.

If you wish to order BumbleBar products one more time before they’re gone, please go to our BumbleBar website Products page. You will see what’s available there and can place your order accordingly.

We may decide to resurrect the BumbleBar brand sometime in the future. If so, you will be the first to know!

Once again, thanks for buying and enjoying our BumbleBars. Our utmost gratitude goes to you, our loyal BumbleBar customers.

Best Regards,
Liz and Glenn Ward

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