BumbleTunes – What We Listen To!

BumbleBar loves music. The crew is always listening to music while they’re making BumbleBars and JunoBars – and of course our office team always keeps the radio on too! We’re always listening to something, whether it’s a new electronic track, a classic guitar solo, or a crafty remix. Let’s take a look at some of the songs the BumbleBar Team’s been dancin’ to lately..

BumbleTunes, BumbleBar, MusicLiz Has Been Listening To:

Hannah Has Been Listening To:

Aimee Has Been Listening To:

In case you don’t believe us – here’s proof of just how hard BumbleBar rocks!! Check out this picture of our very own BumbleBar founder, Liz and her husband Glenn rocking out to The Grateful Dead at The Gorge Amphitheater in beautiful George, Washington! Whoo-hooo!

Liz Ward, Glenn Ward, Grateful Dead, Concert

Liz & Glenn Ward – Gorge Amphitheater – The Grateful Dead – 2016

What have you been listening to lately? The BumbleBar team always wants to stay up to date with the best jams so click here to send us your artist or song recommendation. If we like it too, we might just share it on our Facebook so everyone can hear! Stay tuned…!



The BumbleBar Team

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