Meet Aimee!

Hi there! My Name is Aimee and I recently joined the BumbleBar team as their Office Guru. I’ll be writing lots of the blog posts you’ll be reading in the future, so I’m sure we’ll get to know each other pretty well. I’m excited to be working with a local company that makes a healthy, wonderful products that taste great. My favorite bar is the Classic Cashew BumbleBar. It’s a great bonus that the bars are gluten free, vegan and a great source of natural energy.

I came to BumbleBar after a long career in grocery, mostly at Trader Joe’s. I was part of an amazing group of people who opened up the first four stores in New York City. We did everything from deciding where the shelving was going to be, to hiring and training hundreds of people at once. It was a thrilling time to be with the company and I made a lot of lifetime friends while also bringing delicious and well-priced food to a city that needed it.

BumbleBar, Aimee Savey, Opie, CatsI love food, travel, live music, and my orange tabby, Opie. Recently, I went on a vacation to New York to attend a comedy festival at the UCB Theater. I also saw An American In Paris, Fun Home, Bright Star and Shuffle Along on Broadway. In between shows, I visited the Guggenheim and the Met, ate lots of great stuff like Dough doughnuts and Katz’s, and walked my legs off. Wait, didn’t I just say that I used to live in Brooklyn? I did. I visit once a year to see my friends and do all of the great things you can’t do anywhere else.

I’m happy to be here in Spokane, where I can relax by taking long walks in Manito Park while watching the rest of the world play Pokemon Go. Just a heads up: There are A LOT of Pokemon and Pokestops in Spokane. Manito, Manito Park, South Hill Spokane, BumbleBar, Flowers

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