What is Kosher?

BumbleBar makes simple clean gluten-free food for people who want to eat healthy and/or have dietary restrictions. Because of this, we maintain many certifications. We are certified gluten-free, vegan, , and kosher. Most of us know the first three, but what does kosher mean?

Kosher Meat

A kosher diet is a Jewish practice that comes from the Hebrew word, “Kashruth,” which means “pure” or “suitable” to eat. Someone observing this diet pays attention to what animals they can or cannot eat. The only meat allowed comes from mammals that “chew cud” and don’t have “cloven hooves.” Birds of prey are not permitted. The only fish suitable for consumption are ones that have fins and removable scales and reside in seas and rivers. So, that means no pork, shrimp, or lobster festivals. While this diet restricts most insects, a few locust species make the cut. However, I don’t know anyone who hits the sofa with a bowl of barbeque crickets as a snack. Yikes!


The handling and separation of dairy from meats is another important part of observing a kosher diet. All dairy products should come from approved animals and can’t contain any unapproved elements. For example, sour cream processed with animal fats isn’t allowed. Once a dairy product clears those hurdles, it can’t mix with meat. That means there’s a zero tolerance cheese burger policy. To be truly kosher meat and dairy can’t be cooked by the same kitchen supplies as the other. A practicing household would have two sets of dishes. One set for dairy foods and one set for meat foods.

Kosher foods, chicken, fish, cow, beef, lobster, pig, pork, shrimp, shellfish, camel

Everything Else

Meat and dairy are the two main things to keep an eye on when observing a kosher diet. All other types of food that are neutral, or “pareve,” like fruits, nuts, and vegetables are fair game and can mix with dairy or meat without discretion. All the ingredients used to make BumbleBars and JunoBars, such as sesame seeds, honey, and dates, fall into the pareve category. Now that you know what it means to be kosher, look for the Earth Kosher certification symbol on our wrappers the next time you snack on a BumbleBar.


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