What do BumbleBar’s certifications mean?

While BumbleBar isn’t one to encourage bragging, we have no problem boasting about our wide variety of certifications. We are certified gluten-free, kosher, , vegan and even Safe Quality Food certified! What do these certifications mean? Find out below!

Certifications Explained


Certified Gluten-Free

We NEVER use wheat or wheat family products in our bar. Our entire facility is gluten-free! Unlike our competitors, we handcraft our bars in our facility so that we can ensure that our high standards of ethical business practice are followed all the way through our company from the co-op farmers growing the ingredients to the worker rolling out the bars in our factory here in the wonderful state of Washington.

Certified Kosher

All of our BumbleBars are certified kosher through Earth Kosher. The symbol looks like a globe, with a K in the center. The reason we have the DE next to our kosher symbol on the Chocolate BumbleBars is that the facility where the chocolate is made processes other products which contain dairy. However, BumbleBars have always been and still are dairy-free.

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Unlike many other bars, every single BumbleBar product contains at least 95% ingredients. In fact, BumbleBar is the first energy bar to market! means the ingredients are NON-GMO.  Using fruit and nuts means that our products are free of pesticides and herbicides. is simply better for everyone and everything. We’ve been certified through the Washington State Department of Agriculture.

Certified Vegan

Our BumbleBars are certified vegan! (JunoBars are not certified vegan, because they contain honey!) Vegan means absolutely no animal by-products went into our snacks. Just healthy, plant-based goodness! We are certified through Vegan Action.

Certified SQF

BumbleBar is SQF Certified! SQF stands for Safe Quality Food! This is a crucial certification, and we take pride in developing clean, safe, quality food for customers like YOU! Learn more here.

Certification Symbols

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