Our New Machine Increases Co-Packing Production

A new metal beast has arrived on BumbleBar’s production floor!

To increase production numbers and eliminate waste, BumbleBar brought in a Vemag dough portioner. The new machine extrudes mixtures at fast speeds and exceptionally accurate weights.

“We want to create the highest quality product, and we think this is what will produce it,” says Glenn Ward, co-CEO and co-owner.

The new extruding machine will increase production speed.

Lean Transformation

Recently, BumbleBar has been implementing a lean manufacturing initiative to develop standards and eliminate waste throughout the facility. Ward says the extruder pairs perfectly with lean methods. It cuts movement and material waste by extruding precisely measured bars directly into the wrapping machine. It also saves time with fast set up and easy-to-clean components.

“Really what it comes down to is watching our co-packing clients’ margin, watching their bottom line by making bars to exacting standards,” Ward says.

An employee checks the machine as it makes nutrition bars.

Branching Out

We will continue to use our slab line for some products, but raw fruit paste bars will be manufactured on the Vemag for quicker speeds and more accurate weights. The machine’s double screw system gently moves raw material with both push and pull, keeping intact large inclusions, such as nuts.

With the new machine, we plan to diversify beyond nutrition bars to other plant-based, non-GMO, and products.

“It expands our ability to extrude and then bake gluten-free dough, so we can take better advantage of our baking capabilities,” says Ward.

We’ll be able to serve clients who make products such as gluten-free baked cookies. We’re excited to expand our reach and our impact to help get more clean-label, gluten-free food into people’s mouths.

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