BumbleBar’s Copacking Abilities: Our Research and Development Department

As a company, we wear many hats. We produce our own private label BumbleBars and JunoBars and we also function as a copacker. We have processed a variety of products, from granola to snack puffs, and perhaps most importantly we research and develop products for clients with a variety of needs.

Jo Miller, a Whitworth University graduate, has recently joined our CEO Liz Ward, in the Research and Development department where Jo has been helping our fearless leader workshop different projects brought to us. Jo came to us in September 2016 and has been an excellent addition to the BumbleBar crew, leading our team on several lines in her time here. 

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At what point in your product’s progress can BumbleBar offer assistance?

Any time. Liz and Jo’s work centers around the research, formulation, and development of our clients’ products at varying starting points. Some clients come to us with just an idea of the type of bar they’d like to produce. Liz and Jo help them bring their dream to life. Others bring in a bar they’ve created, but want help honing in on desired taste, texture, or nutrition. Some clients come to us with a fully realized bar for our large-scale production capabilities. Liz and Jo work to formulate their product, so it runs smoothly through our manufacturing processes.

“It’s a really good way for someone to take their next step in their business,” said Miller. “Some clients are already selling their bar but they want to increase production. Coming here and getting the bar ready for that next phase is a really good way to do it. We use ingredients. We have tons of connections with ethical suppliers. And most importantly, we have access to Liz’s lifelong knowledge of food.”

BumbleBar, CoPacking, CoPacking Clients, Energy Bars, Vegan, Vegetarian, Kosher, Gluten Free, Keto, Spokane, Washington, Research

Why Choose BumbleBar as Your CoPacker?

As a gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan, kosher, and SQF level 2 certified facility that can accommodate a variety of dietary restrictions, we’re prepared to tackle any need a client might bring to us.

“People come to us because of our facilities and our ability to work with smaller clients. But mostly, people come to us because of our 20-plus years of food manufacturing experience and knowledge,” said Miller.

Whether you’re interested in making a superfood bar that improves digestion, a pet treat made purely with plant-based protein, or a cookie designed for a paleo diet, Liz and Jo can help you engineer it and BumbleBar can help your product take off. 

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