Eco-Friendly, Beautiful Umbrellas You Might Just Need

Dance in the rain with style this season! Check out these beautiful, eco-friendly umbrellas. Pick up one for yourself, and one for a friend for the holidays.

  1. It’s easy to go green with the Eco vented auto open auto close umbrella. Made from 100% recycled and sustainable materials, this eco-friendly umbrella protects you and the environment with style. Features include a bamboo handle, recycled aluminum shaft and fabric made from recycled materials. Its unique vented double canopy and pushbutton auto open auto close feature make it a top-rated umbrella for wind and rain. You can buy this umbrella in 3 colors, tree bark, root green or black. Price: $27.99 Buy Here!

    Eco Friendly Umbrella, BumbleBar
  2. Make a difference, using this great Cork Design umbrella . Protect yourself from sun and rain with elegance! Cork is a completely environmentally friendly material because it does not cause any damage to the environment and allows easy manipulation to incredible designs like this, and others you can find in our online store. Price: $192.00 Buy Here!CorkBrella, Eco Friendly Umbrellas, BumbleBar
  3. These Tote’s umbrella’s are just so cool! They are made of 100% recycled PET (PolyEthylene Terephthalate) bottles, while the frame is made with 70% recycled aluminum with a bamboo handle – and the designs are really cute! With proper care, your Totes umbrella should provide a lifetime of durable, reliable protection. totes offers a lifetime warranty for any manufacturing defect. If this umbrella should prove to be defective in materials or workmanship, or fails to function properly Tote’s will gladly replace it. Price: $25.00 Buy Here!

    Eco Friendly Umbrella, BumbleBar
    4. “Stylish” umbrellas by a Croatian fashion designer first came to life at a Fashion Week 2014. Creations are imbued both with tradition and futurism and are an exclusive fashion accessory for any lady. Rich, luxurious and inspired by the aesthetics of the last century and parasols that have been protecting ladies during long summer walks… And they are entirely made from recycled materials. View Collections.
    Stylish, Eco Friendly Umbrellas, BumbleBar5.  This designer umbrella provides superior protection from the rain, sun (blocks 99% of UVA/UVB/UVC rays) and withstands winds up to 40 mph. Our small black and white print umbrellas are expertly crafted by hand using sustainable and renewable bamboo, cotton and 100% biodegradable PVC. It comes with a custom carrying case for easy handling with style. Lady Gaga has been seen rocking this parasol! Price: $90.00 Buy Here!
    Eco Friendly Umbrellas, BumbleBar
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