BumbleBar’s Crazy Fun Tattooed Team

Looking around the production floor and facility office, we noticed a trend; almost all of our BumbleBar team members have tattoos! The large number of tattooed employees may simply be a testament to the modern times, but we’re convinced it’s because our company is overflowing with creative, unconventional, and innovative minds! We asked staff to share their personal tattoo stories with us – let’s see what they had to say!

Aimee: I will never forget my first big concert: The Cure at the San Diego Sports Arena in 1987. My dad allowed me to go with my friend Chrissy and her older sister, which made me feel independent and grown up. The tattoo is a concert ticket with Robert Smith superimposed. It reminds me of how good it feels to watch live music.

Aimee Savey, Tattoos, The Cure, BumbleBar

Hannah: My mom and I had our tattoos done together – they’re exactly the same and we both have them on our left arm. The lotus represents rebirth or the unfolding of spiritual enlightenment. In Buddhism, the lotus is known to be associated with purity and spiritual awakening. The plant grows in muddy, murky waters, and once it’s reached the surface, it blooms into a beautiful, clean flower. To me personally, this represents emerging from a dark place in order to find spiritual enlightenment and also that beauty can be found in even the most ‘muddy’ of places.

Hannah Pierce, BumbleBar, Tattoo

Alaina: I got this tattoo in Spain when I was studying abroad. The artist didn’t speak any English and was very confused when I told him I wanted a Dutch phrase on my arm. The phrase is ‘Geen Man Overboard”, which loosely translates to “you’ve survived the storm, and at the end of the day life is good”. It’s a reminder to keep my head up and not let the little things get me down because at the end of the day I am alive and well and that’s what counts.

Alaina, Tattoo, BumbleBar, Spain


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