BumbleBar’s Favorite PNW Summer Vacation Spots

Hello, BumbleBar Friends! It’s almost the summer season & you know what that means! Swimming, biking, hiking, and more. We have been really busy preparing yummy, gluten-free, snacks on-the-go to fuel your summer adventures.

We love being active & spending time outdoors! It’s a crucial part of living a healthy, happy life. Living in the Pacific Northwest is really a blessing. We certainly never take it for granted! If you live in the area, you know exactly what we’re talking about… and if you don’t, we invite you to visit our beautiful region this summer season. Check out a few of our favorite locations:

Glacier National Park – Montana

Top 10 reasons I love Glacier National Park:

  • The truly majestic grandeur on all sides of the park. WOW! It is so breathtakingly beautiful it feels surreal.
  • The plethora of trails; there are trails that are great for kids, trails made for running, waterfall trails, and alpine lake trails like Avalanche Trail.

Glacier National Park, Beautiful, Nature, National Park, BumbleBar

Photograph from Avalanche Trail at Glacier National Park, Montana

  • I enjoy the time with family, away from all work.
  • Cooling off in Lake Mcdonald is so relaxing.
  • The park has an amazing amount of water; rivers, creeks, and waterfalls!
  • I love Going-To-The-Sun Road.
  • The lobby and grounds of the Many Glacier Hotel are stunning.

Avalanche Trail, Glacier National Park, BumbleBar

Photograph from  Many Glacier Hotel grounds located in Glacier National Park, Montana

  • There are animals everywhere; black bears, mountain goats, bighorn sheep, mule deer, & grizzly bears!
  • I love the hot sunny summer days, followed by cool nights…
  • … and not leaving the park for days on end!

| Liz Ward | Founder & CEO

Coeur d’Alene, ID

My family and I love to spend time at Coeur d’Alene Lake! We jet ski and spend time on the beach. We look forward to it every year! The sunsets are incredible. Judith Valerio | Production |

Couer D'Alene, Skiing, BumbleBar

Hiawatha Trail – Northern ID

Hiawatha is the most amazing adventure for those who love to bike! It is a 15 mile bike ride that takes about 2 hours to complete. You’ll ride over a suspension bridge, and through a few (very dark) old train tunnels! It’s important to bring a flashlight on this trip!  Hannah Pierce | Design |

Hawaii Trail, BumbleBar, Bike Riding

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