bumble-barsbb-bumblebars-lettersHow do we make BumbleBars so darn delicious? It’s simple, we use only the finest certified organic ingredients – pure, wholesome and packed with goodness.
bb-bumblebars-boxesbb-juniorbars-lettersShe may be little, but she’s full of flavor: Meet BumbleBar Junior. She reminds me of our youngest, Suzie – cute, compact, sweet and in this case, snackable!

bb-varietypacksbb-varietypacks-lettersBumbleBars are handcrafted in small batches to yield big flavor. These little treasures are not intended for individual sale, they are delicious by the dozen!

bb-junobars-lettersJunoBar is a delicious blend of organic, simple, whole foods for the purest form of energy. Handcrafted with date-paste and quinoa crisp, JunoBar is high in fiber and protein.

BumbleBar Supports Planned Parenthood!

In loving memory of Carolyn Wilson.  For over 25 years, BumbleBar has supported all different […]

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So, Why’s It Called a JunoBar?

Let us introduce you to BumbleBar’s sister, JunoBar! For those who haven’t heard of her, […]

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Dates Growing

Dates: The Incredible Benefits of This Magic Fruit

Dates are sweet on the inside and the outside, and before long you’ll be sweet […]

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Introducing BumbleBar Subscribe and Save!

Happy New Year, Everyone! We hope you had a relaxing holiday and are staying warm. […]

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What do BumbleBar’s certifications mean?

While BumbleBar isn’t one to encourage bragging, we have no problem boasting about our wide […]

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50 Reasons To Feel Extremely Grateful

You should feel incredibly grateful if… 1. You’re breathing. 2. You have a roof over […]

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Vegan, GF, Vanilla Frosting Chocolate Crisp BumbleBars

Do you want to blow your friends away with something delicious, gluten free, organic, vegan […]

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BumbleBar’s Ethical Sourcing & What It All Means

Did you know that we make a whole lot more than just JunoBars and BumbleBars? […]

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Natural Cold & Flu Remedies

Sniffly noses go hand-in-hand with snow and icy weather. We’ve compiled a list of our […]

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Pea Protein

Introducing The Five Best Plant Proteins – And Why They ROCK!

Protein is an essential part of any balanced diet. It’s great for building, maintaining, and […]

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Delicious, Nutritious, Gluten Free, Ethically Sourced, Kid Approved, Vegan Approved, Organic Energy, Sesame Snack Bars!
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