Vegan Ice Cream & BumbleBars

It’s 96 degrees in the beautiful Spokane Valley today ­ and it’s not even summer yet! When it’s this hot, we need a healthy treat that’s going to keep us cool! One of our favorite treats to enjoy is vegan ice cream, sprinkled with BumbleBar crumbles!

We recommend making your own vegan ice cream because it’s actually really fun! (Liz recommends the recipe from her favorite cookbook The New Farm Vegetarian Cookbook.)   However, we understand that sometimes you need a cold snack ASAP. So in that case, we recommend trying Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss NonDairy Frozen Dessert. (It’s dairy free, soy free, gluten free and comes in many different flavors. Yum!)

Here are a few of my personal favorite flavor combinations:

We would love to see what other mouthwatering flavor combinations you come up with! #BumbleBarSummer to share your favorite recipes on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Stay Cool!
The BumbleBar Team

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