Seed to Feed

Ever hear of the seed-to-feed movement? Actually, I just made it up this morning to describe some of what we do. I bet you did not know that we grind our own seed and nut butters to put in the gluten free cookies and bars we make! Each small batch is made fresh.

Check out the humble yet nutrient-dense sunflower seeds we use in our handcrafted seed butter for the clean label food we make for our co-packing clients. First, we start with super fresh delicious raw unsalted sunflower seeds. Then, we mill them in our floor standing food processor. Next, we cool the sunflower butter on trays to maintain its’ freshness. Finally, we make delicious, simple clean food with our premium sunflower seed butter!

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Did you know that sunflower seeds are one of the 10 most loved healthy foods by nutritionists (or, at least, the experts on WebMD)?

For even more sunflower seed benefits, go here and here

All the best!

Liz Ward, Founder & Creator

BumbleBar, Inc.

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