The 35th Running of Bloomsday

What a fun weekend!!!  This was my first opportunity to work the BumbleBar booth for the Bloomsday trade show.  It was incredible meeting our many loyal fans.  I had the best time surprising folks with t-shirts and Bumblebags.  One young lady was so excited she gave me a hug!  Now that’s BumbleLove!!

We gave out over 22,000 bite size samples.  It was so fun to hear people’s reactions.  Lots of “yum” and “wow” comments were made.  People who had tried our bars before were heard encouraging their friends and family to have a taste.  Children dragged their parents over to get a sample, old and young alike expressed joy and surprise upon tasting their first BumbleBar.

This was Liz and Glenn’s 7th Bloomsday trade show.  Repeatedly, I would hear folks expressing that the Bloomsday  BumbleBar booth was an annual destination!  It amazed me how many faces Glenn and Liz recognized.  One woman came up with her adorable 6 month old baby boy in a front carrier.  Glenn had given her a bar last year when she was pregnant.  She plans to stop by again next year.

It was a joy to share with people what this company stands for.  Most were surprised to hear that BumbleBar was the first certified  bar on the market back in 1995 and that the bars were still rolled by hand 154 bars at a time right here in the Spokane Valley.

My only regret from the show was that I was too busy chatting to remember to take pictures!!  If you were at the show or participated in the Bloomsday run this year I would love to see your pics.  Come on over to our Facebook page and post your pictures and videos.

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