Thinking About Taking a Yoga Class? You Should!

Have you thought about attending a yoga class, but for whatever reason haven’t taken the first steps? Here are a few tips and guidelines that will ease your mind and set you on your way to the internal and external cleansing that is yoga. Remember, getting your butt into a class is the most important thing, so when it comes right down to it, get on that mat even if you don’t feel 100% prepared!

Where to Go

In the Spokane area, there are several studios to choose. Check out Yelp’s Top Ten Yoga for 2017 in Spokane list for ideas on where to go, and look for deals for new clients. We here at BumbleBar are partial to Spokane Yoga ShalaNext, you’ll want to research the facility you choose. What beginning classes does the location offer? Does the studio focus on the more physical or spiritual elements of yoga? Do they focus on one particular kind of yoga, such as Ashtanga, or do they teach a variety of styles? Do they heat the spaces? All of these are good to consider, especially the last one as you might not want to do yoga in a room heated to 100 degrees or higher.

What to Wear

Pick relaxed clothing that is easy for you to move in, but not so baggy that it will get in your way. People often choose to wear tank tops, t-shirts, stretch pants, and shorts. Socks and shoes aren’t important as you’ll remove both when you begin the class. Being barefoot during yoga is nice for traction and for feeling more connected to the space around you.

What to Bring

Don’t let the lack of a mat stop you from starting a yoga practice! Most studios provide mats for a small rental fee, although you might consider borrowing a mat from a friend or buying one. Try out a few rentals before you buy! If you get serious about practicing, you may find that less expensive mats crumble under the stress of six classes a week. If you plan to start a more casual practice, there are affordable ones for $20 or less at Target or Walmart. In addition to making sure you have a mat, you should bring water to stay hydrated and a towel to dab away any sweat. Your yoga studio should have everything else you might need, like straps, blocks, and bolsters, so only buy these if you plan to practice at home.

Though yoga is sometimes rigorous exercise, you won’t want to bring a snack or even come to class full. It’s recommended to eat a small snack, like a Brownie Batter JunoBar, at least half an hour before class.

Yoga pose outdoors girl

Yoga Etiquette

If you do come in late, it’s best to quietly set up in the back near the door. This way you cause as little disruption as possible. It is also polite to leave your phone outside of the yoga studio. Phone sounds or vibrations can disrupt the flow of everyone in the class. Never wear your shoes into a studio. Everyone there will be barefoot, and shoes can carry unwanted grime into an otherwise clean environment. During class, the instructor will usually be the only one speaking as chatter amongst the students could be distracting. Classes often end in a final resting pose called savasana for several minutes. It’s considered disruptive to exit the class during this pose, so if necessary, leave before it starts.

Yoga is an excellent practice to adopt into our everyday lives. It increases flexibility, improves muscle strength, perfects posture, and protects your spine. It can increase blood flow, boost immunity, and drop blood pressure. Yoga can even make you happier through the growth of serotonin levels. This really sounds like something we should all try at least once. So, what’s stopping you?

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