Super Fun Summer Games To Play With Your Kids!

School has been out for awhile and summer is in full swing! Grab your Junior BumbleBars and let’s get ready for some fun! Here’s a list of our favorite outdoor games for kids of all ages:

  • Lawn Twister – Buy 4 bright colors of washable lawn spray paint and make your own Twister board in the backyard. (Make sure an adult handles the spray paint at all times!) Another great thing about this twister board is that you won’t have to worry about the sheet moving around, and playing with the grass under your toes is always more enjoyable!Twister, Lawn Twister, BumbleBar, Summer Activities For Kids
  • Glow In The Dark Bowling– Fill empty water bottles with glow sticks and set them out in the yard. If the bottles tip over, put a couple small rocks in with the glow stick to keep them steady or try using bottles made of harder, more durable plastic. (Please remember to use only bottles that have already been emptied – we don’t want to waste water!) Set them up in the classic triangle shape and take turns bowling with your friends! This is a great game to play on a warm summer night – and you’re also recycling!

Glow in the Dark Bowling, Bowling, Glow in the Dark, BumbleBar

  • Bumble-Ball – This is a twist on the classic basketball game PIG. (If you don’t know the rules to PIG, check them out here. It’s a really simple game.) Instead of trying to spell PIG, you’re going to try to spell BUMBLE. We would love to see pictures of your family and friends playing Bumble-Ball. Send a photo or video of your team’s Bumble-Ball winner to, and we’ll send you a prize in return!BumbleBall, BumbleBar, Basketball

Have Fun!


The BumbleBar Team


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