Shake Your Tails & Wave Your Paws!

Being a strictly vegetarian facility, the BumbleBar team loves animals! Almost every team member has a pet of their own, and we share stories about them often! Our operations manager, Jim, has two small Dachshund doggies named Chloe and Bauer. Aimee has a fuzzy orange cat named Opie, while Liz and Glenn have two crazy pups named Hannah and Levi. Hannah, (the BB Team Member, not the dog ☺), has a small terrier mix, named Albert. We asked our crew what their favorite thing is about being a pet owner, and what tips you have for training or managing their animals. Let’s see what they had to say!

Meet Little Albert:

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Hannah’s not exactly sure how old he is because her family adopted him from the Humane Society. Albert came to Hannah’s family, already knowing a few tricks! He can sit, dance on his two hind legs, and he can shake! When asked if she had any advice on training dogs, Hannah says “I really don’t know! Albert is so smart – we didn’t have to teach him much! The only advice I have is to adopt from a shelter, instead of buy from a store or breeder. There are so many animals, just waiting for a home.”

Meet Liz’s Pup Levi:

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According to Liz, Levi is simply the world’s greatest dog. He is super loyal, very friendly, and loves to play. Liz and her family feel lucky to have rescued Levi 11 years ago. Liz echoes Hannah’s advice to adopt from a shelter or rescue organization. One great resource to find the perfect companion animal is There are all sorts of search parameters which make it easy to find just what you are looking for.

Meet Aimee’s cat Opie:

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Great cat moms give their kitties tons of love! I used to foster cats for Infinite Hope in Brooklyn and it’s a great way to help save lives and get great cats to great homes. Sometimes they get really nervous and unhappy in shelters and need a chance to chill out in a temporary home before they can put their best paw forward. The shelters that you foster for take care of food and all you have to do is love that kitty. Saying goodbye is the best part because you get the satisfaction of knowing that you found a homeless kitty a forever home and then you can help another needy kitty! Adopt don’t shop!


Learn More About Pet Adoption At These Great Websites: 

Interested in adopting a cat or dog? Check out Adopt A Pet.

Interested in fostering a pigeon or dove? Check out Palomacy.

Interested in learning more about the pet adoption process? Check out ASPCA’s website here.


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