SeletHulling: Rooting Our Human Family Through Our Sesame Seeds

SeletHulling is 8,266 miles from Spokane, Washington but it couldn’t be closer to the mission of BumbleBar. As a company specializing in energy bars made of sesame seeds, it is through those seeds that we expand our human family and global outreach.

BumbleBars made with ethically sourced sesame seeds! BumbleBar, BumbleBars, JunoBar, JunoBarsWe’ve been lucky to work with SeletHulling, a farm in the remote area of Humera district in the Tigray Region of Ethiopia. All of the seeds are grown on Selet‘s own farm as well as the farms of local families from two out grower cooperatives that Selet works with. These are the Fana cooperative – composed of 1,000 farming families and the Shewit cooperative – composed of 500 farming families. These 1,500 Ethiopian farmers benefit from fair-wages and access to education.

Just like BumbleBar, the mission of Selet doesn’t just stop at good, quality ingredients. The project has a positive impact on the livelihoods of many Ethiopian people and on the economy by providing higher incomes for the families of the targeted 1,500 farmers. They are dedicated to the overall creation of employment with 50 permanent predominantly female employees working in the factory and at least 3000 seasonal workers at the farming level in Humera. Centered on promoting the environment and ensuring zero exposure to hazardous materials SeletHulling also supports local health and educational initiatives.

For every pound of seeds we buy, we also donate 5 cents dedicated to building schools in Ethiopia. In 2010, the farmers of the Shewit farmer’s cooperative and SeletHulling agreed to jointly construct and finance schooling facilities for the out-grower’s children grade 9 and 10.

The school will consist of three building blocks. The first one has just been completed in May 2012 at a total cost of approximately USD 49,000. The other two blocks are in progress and will accommodate offices, a library and sanitation facilities. The first classes are scheduled to commence in September 2012. Some 276 students are registered and they will be divided in two groups; a morning and an afternoon shift.

Watch this video for a more in depth look at SeletHulling.

 We’re so excited to be able to take part in this project and thank SeletHulling for truly making a difference for this planet and it’s people!

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