Live in the sunshine. Swim the sea. Drink the wild air. -Emerson

What is your next adventure? Share it with us and make it come true! Happy Summer Solstice! With the extra daylight you’ve been given today we want to encourage you to spend a bit of that time dreaming of your next adventure.

Live in the Sunshine, Ralph Waldo Emerson, BumbleBar, BumbleBars

Maybe it is the one you’ve been scheming since you were a child and were drawn to that funny looking country in the shape of a boot? Maybe you can already smell the incense and curry as you wander through the deep reds and gold of an Indian market? Maybe it is that mountain you’ve always been able to see from your house but never climbed?

Whatever your adventure is, our next request is that you go do it! Experience above all else provides you with deep roots and lasting smile lines.

Here is a list of healthy and fun summer activities you can do with your family!

Drink up the summer sun and keep smiling!

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