It’s Jim’s Ninth-iversary!

Today is a big day for the BumbleBar team. Yes, we love St. Patrick’s Day and are offering a big sale in honor of the festivities, but that’s not what we came here to talk about today. Right now we want to talk about our Operations Manager, Jim! Today marks Jim’s ninth anniversary with BumbleBar, and we couldn’t be happier to have him.

On Tuesday, March 17th, 2009 Jim started with us as a line worker. Within eight months he worked his way up through the prep department to Operations Manager. This makes him a well-rounded team member who knows about all aspects of our business and who has been key to our success. With a degree in mathematics from the University of Idaho, it isn’t surprising that Jim’s proficiency with numbers and analytical processes advanced him quickly. Jim does a lot to ensure things run smoothly in the factory including making sure all of our and gluten-free ingredients arrive on time, scheduling production, and seeing to the on-time delivery of our orders.

Love for Jim displayed on our whiteboard:

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Besides Liz and Glenn, no one has seen the company grow quite like Jim has. In the years he’s been our Operations Manager we’ve expanded immensely. We’ve multiplied our production rates, acquired our certifications, and complied our facilities with SQF standards. He was with us when we got our first copacking client and our first private label client. He was here when we introduced Juno Bars, when we unveiled our new package designs, and when we started making granola. He’s seen it all! Fun fact: his favorite BumbleBar is Chai Almond. Funner fact: Chai Almond happens to be on sale this month! We wish we’d planned that on purpose, but alas it was only a happy accident.

Through all of our projects, Jim can be found computing profitability, cost of goods, and processing recipes, and says, “It’s kind of impossible to have a daily routine; things are too exciting here.” Luckily, through all of it, he has a great team to make the work go smoothly and G Fuel to keep his energy up. We’re not affiliated with G Fuel, but we’re looking into getting G Fuel to make Jim their spokesperson because he drinks it all day, every day.

“Jim has been a valued team member for nine years. His work ethic combined with his dedication to always doing a good job make him a tremendous asset to BumbleBar and a crucial part of our success.” said CEO and Co-Founder of BumbleBar, Liz Ward.

Jim, BumbleBar, Anniversary, JunoBar, Work Anniversary, CoPacking, Private Label, Vegan, Gluten Free, Kosher, Spokane, Spokane Valley, G Fuel

Thank you for nine years of hard work, Jim. We appreciate you!

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