Fall Fun at Green Bluff

If you live in the Spokane area here in Washington, then I’m guessing you either already visited Green Bluff this fall or are planning your trip soon! For those of you who don’t know, Green Bluff is a delightfully rustic collection of farms on the northeast hills of Spokane, Washington. These farms offer year-round festivities like flower and fruit picking, Christmas tree cutting, barn music, festivals and more. While there’s something fun to do there every season, fall is a particularly perfect time to visit. The crisp weather pairs impeccably with the hot cider and fall activities.

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Hansen’s Green Bluff Orchard

I got to visit a couple of farms over the weekend for what seemed like infinite options for autumn activities. Hansen’s Green Bluff Orchard offers rows and rows of apple trees ripe for the picking that they’ve labeled by apple type at just $1.10 per pound. The signs helpfully suggest which ones are good for different purposes such as for eating, for pies, or for sauces. Right next to the checkout station is an adorable shop with gifts, sweets, raffles, and fresh caramel apples to go along with your fresh picked basket. To top it all off, there are two heart melting golden retrievers manning the front of the farm to give you sloppy hello and goodbye kisses, free of charge.


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Beck’s Harvest House

Beck’s Harvest House was the second stop of the day, and it had its own unique activities to offer as well. Driving into the parking grounds, we passed a home-made jerky booth, corn maze, and miniature pony merry-go-round on the right. That’s when I knew it was going to be a good time. Beck’s Harvest House pulled out all the stops this fall. It practically turned its yard into a fairground with music and the most specialty food booths you can imagine. We passed by a booth just dedicated to macaroni and the different ways it can be imagined into food. That’s actual heaven. The Harvest House had a gift and goody shop as well that was stocked with all kinds of specialty ciders and local treats. We finally left for the day very full and very happy.

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Luckily, Green Bluff is just getting started for the season. There are dozens of wonderful farms beyond Hansen’s and Beck’s to peruse. Be sure to check out Green Bluff’s website to tour any of its 59 farms. Go out and bring home a few apples, a few pumpkins, and maybe even a few Christmas gifts!

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Green Bluff is an amazing local gem. Check out our post 15 Reasons We Love Spokane to read about other amazing things to do in Spokane!

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