Celebrating Our Amazing Workplace Diversity At BumbleBar

Throughout the last twenty years at BumbleBar, our workplace culture has become more and more diverse. And we love it! There are many benefits to having a diverse work environment, including elimination of discrimination through promotion of a safe work culture.

Our team consists of women and men of all ages and backgrounds!
Currently, we’re working on revamping our training videos so that BumbleBar’s human resources team may provide them in multiple languages.

We continue to experience high employee morale resulting from workforce diversity.

According to Rob McInness of Diversity World, top talent is no longer (but really, was it ever?) represented by a homogeneous group, but by a group representing people from many different backgrounds and life experiences. Top recruiters know that true talent lies in passion and experience, not gender, age, or ethnicity. Encouraging a diverse facility steadily builds synergy throughout the production team and improves communication skills!

Workplace Diversity, BumbleBar, Love letters shaped by hands

“Workplace diversity also increases productivity. Diversity and inclusion bring different talents together, working towards a common goal by using a unique set of skills. Igniting employee and company loyalty as well as improving retention and productivity, workplace diversity is, of course, beneficial. With so many different and diverse minds coming together many more solutions will arise as every individual brings in their way of thinking, operating and solving problems and decision making,” according to Sahar’s Consulting.

Do you have diversity in the workplace? What benefits does it bring to your company? We would like to know! Share your story in the comments below or send us an email here.

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