Camp Gives Kids a World of Good

Getting to the summit was an incredible moment, yes. But I suppose it wasn’t just the gigantic tectonic plates waging war on each other in order to provide me with a challenge. It was bigger than the mountain. Recently I had a mentor ask me what is it that makes you thrive? I was brought back to this moment as a 15 year-old, surrounded by mountain peaks and some of the best friends I’ve ever made.

Camp truly does give kids a world of good. At BumbleBar we want to encourage you to share that with your kids for these reasons:

1. Your kids will be surrounded by positive role models.

As a camper there is no one in the world cooler than their counselor. In a world full of questionable celebrity role models, it is great to give kids a chance to really bond with a person who is their for your child. If nothing else a camp counselor will laugh at your kids knock knock joke no matter how many times they’ve heard it.

My daughter Suzi at camp! BumbleBar

2. Children learn about appropriate risk taking.

Psychologists tell us children join gangs because they enjoy the thrill and adrenaline rush of doing something wrong. Camp channels that thrill into better suited activities like water skiing, participating in a talent show for the first time, and wearing all your craziest clothes in public. Your child learns it’s an appropriate risk to repel down a cliff with safety gear. Along with the risk comes self-confidence in learning a skill that not everybody is lucky enough to develop.

Good times at camp, BumbleBar

3. Your children will meet a diverse group of people.

This comes with the realization that the whole world isn’t just their family, their 2nd grade class and their teacher Mrs. Barry. Camp brings your child in contact with kids from different schools, communities, and cultures. Many camps make a point of hiring international counselors which is an exciting way for your child to become a part of a global community.

4.Children learn creativity in a camp setting.

Creative at camp! BumbleBar

5. Campers really like BumbleBars.

Couldn’t help ourselves with that one.  BumbleBar! BumbleBar Logo


For those of you who have sent your kids to camp this summer or in the past, what changes have you seen in your kids?

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