BumbleBar’s New Look

They are finally here! Our new bars are 1.4 ounces, as opposed to our previous 1.6 ounce bars.  The size change is minimal and we have passed on a small price reduction to our retailers.  Our goal is to keep the price of the bar under $2.00.

We have also reduced the amount of film we need to use to wrap the bars.  We have gone from a three ply wrapper to a two ply wrapper and reduced the amount of waste material.  As always, we continue to buy all of our packaging in the USA unlike many of our competitors who outsource to other countries.

At BumbleBar, we are always on the lookout for the latest in packaging to decrease our carbon footprint and keep our product fresh on the shelf.

I hope you all like the new look. The new wrappers are much easier to open. Now your kids will likely be able to tear them open on their own!!

Don’t forget to watch for our new Suzi-sized BumbleBar Jr.  They are wrapped in the easy to open, two-ply film as well!

Delicious, Nutritious, Gluten Free, Ethically Sourced, Kid Approved, Vegan Approved, Energy, Sesame Snack Bars!
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