5 Must-Have Online Tools for Every Small Business

Like any office, factory or agency, there’s a LOT of work to be done here at BumbleBar! In order to accomplish everything, our small team relies on several amazing online tools to get the job done. Let’s take a look at our favorite resources, who uses them, and why!

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Grammarly: We use Grammarly in our office quite frequently. Grammarly is a free online tool that spellchecks and detects grammatical issues within your writing. If you’re a student, copywriter, or anyone who spends a great deal of time typing we highly suggest using Grammarly.

Asana: Our team heavily relies on Asana to assign jobs, keep track of tasks, communicate with clients, and much more. This is an outstanding web-based tool for any business, small or large. The interface is really very lovely and user-friendly. Bonus – they even have an app for your phone! Personally, my favorite feature of Asana is the flying unicorn that soars across your monitor if you’ve completed multiple tasks throughout the day.

Podio: Podio is an equally great tool that’s just as beautiful and even more versatile than Asana. We use Podio to create apps, web forms, and store information. For example, we created a content planning app in Podio so that we could keep track of our blog posts and newsletter updates. With so many awesome features, we really recommend taking a look at all Podio has to offer here.

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JumpLead: For those of you who have your own website and are interested in discovering more about your site visitors, we suggest learning more about JumpLead. You can chat with your website visitors, capture them as leads and hopefully… convert them to customers!

BuzzSumo: We use BuzzSumo to find the most interesting articles and talked about news stories, that fit with our interests and values as a company. We love sharing positive, uplifting stories with you – especially on Facebook and Twitter. (Psst…if you don’t follow us, you probably should! ;-] ) This online tool also provides a daily competitor analysis and influencer content alerts, keeping us up to date!


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