BumbleBar Wreath – Great for Gifting!

The team needed something to decorate our office with here at the BumbleBar facility – so, we rolled up our sleeves and got crafty making these DIY BumbleBar wreaths. Want to make one with us? Pull out a box of BumbleBars and let’s do it! P.S. – These little guys make great gifts! DIY gifts are the best to give and the best to receive! There’s something about a hand-crafted creation that truly warms the heart.

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Step One: Find or create a wreath base. You can make your own wreath base by wrapping wire (or a wire hanger) in a circle and twisting the ends together. (Rub down the tips of the wire with a file or extra dense sandpaper block so that they’re not sharp.) Wrap the wire in your choice of material, such as recycled burlap, leftover holiday ribbon, or pine tree stems. In our case, we’ve used some pre-made confetti wreaths, which were available at the dollar store.

Step Two: Attach BumbleBars! Randomly affix BumbleBars to the wreath using extreme stick double side tape. You can place them however you like, although we prefer a more erratic style. Use Jr. BumbleBars for your smaller wreaths!

Step Three: Add additional decoration. We love the look of peppermint candy and poinsettias.

Illustration BumbleBar Wreath, BumbleBar,  Energy Bar, Energy Bar

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