BumbleBar Sessions: Small Planet s

Welcome to our new monthly profile of local Northwest companies living out missions consistent to BumbleBar’s.

We’d like to introduce you to “Tofu Phil” Spiegel, Creator and Owner of Small Planet s.

Watch our interview with Tofu Phil to learn more about the history and origin of tofu, why it is important to handcraft and the meaning behind ‘you are what you eat’.

Tofu Phil had been intrigued by the idea of launching a tofu company ever since he read The Book of Tofu by William Shurtleff in the early 1980s. Working full-time as an engineer, “I felt I was at the mercy of others when I was somebody else’s employee,” he recalls. “From January to June 1992, I dove into the tofu business while I still had my full-time engineer job. I made tofu at night. I would work at the engineering job from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and then two or three nights a week I made tofu from 5 to midnight.”

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