All About Apples

Because this fruit represents our very own Washington State, we’re eager to highlight them this month! In this ingredient highlight, we’ll talk about the A’s, B’s, and C’s of apples and why we’re particularly crazy about them here in Washington State.

The Great Washington Apple

Washingtonians are truly in love with this sweet fruit. On average, Washington state grows around 2.5 million TONS of apples a year. Washington apple growers produce 6 out of every ten apples consumed in the United States. They also export to over 60 different countries around the world.

Why Are They Worth Raving Over?

What’s so special about our apples? Washington apples are the some of the best in the world. Grown in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, Washington apples thrive on the fertile volcanic soil and are watered naturally by pure mountain streams. This unique environment gives Washington apples their unique crunch.


Why Should We Eat Them?

So what’s the big idea? Why is this fruit the doctor’s kryptonite?

Aside from being delicious, apples are high in fiber and vitamin C, low in calories, and contain little to no sodium, fat, or cholesterol.  Their high fiber content bulks up your intestinal tract and helps prevent cholesterol build up in the lining of your blood vessels. Researchers have found that eating apples on a routine basis reduces your risk of stroke, cancer, and even respiratory disease.

Finally, they are also extraordinarily high in polyphenols, which function as powerful antioxidants. These powerful antioxidants play a significant role in preventing degenerative diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. Polyphenols are most concentrated in the skin of the apple but are also very much present in the meat of the fruit.

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