30 Facts About Peanuts You (Probably) Didn’t Know


  1. There are over 500 peanuts in every 12oz jar of peanut butter.
  2. It’s illegal in the US to label a product “peanut butter” if it’s less than 90% peanuts.
  3. It takes almost 5 gallons of water to process 1oz of peanuts (compared to 80 gallons for 1oz of almonds)
  4. Two US presidents were peanut farmers (Thomas Jefferson and Jimmy Carter)
  5. There are six cities named “Peanut” in the US, and they’re located in California, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and West Virginia.

  6. Statistically, women, children, and people on the West Coast prefer creamy peanut butter while most men and people on the West Coast prefer chunky.

  7. “Goober” is a nickname for peanuts and comes from “nguba” the word for peanut in the Congo.
  8. George Washington Carver didn’t actually invent peanut butter. But because he discovered many ways to use peanuts, he was known as the “plant doctor” and the “grandfather of peanuts.”
  9. March is national peanut month.
  10. Peanuts aren’t technically nuts; they’re actually legumes! Unlike nuts that grow on trees, peanuts grow underground.
  11. Peanuts are a great source of protein (25g per 100g serving) and contain tons of healthy nutrients, dietary minerals (magnesium, manganese, phosphorus), antioxidants, dietary fiber, and vitamins (B and E).
  12. Peanuts are the 18th most valuable crop. The US has a yearly export of over 200,000 tons!

  13. The more popular peanuts are in a place, the fewer peanut allergies there are.
  14. Arachibutyrophobia is the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth. Doggies don’t usually have a problem with this.
  15. For some reason, there is a Guinness World Record for how far a person has thrown a peanut. If you care, Colin Jackson holds that title with a distance of 124ft, 4inches.
  16. Peanut shells can be used to make kitty litter, fire kindling, logs, packing material, or compost.
  17. Planters mascot, Mr. Peanut, is over 100 years old. In 1999 he was given a peanut shaped vehicle called the NutMobile.
  18. There are four different types of peanuts! (Runner, Virginia, Spanish, and Valencia)
  19. The average American eats more than 6lbs of peanuts and peanut butter products a year.
  20. Peanut products are used to treat malnutrition in emergency situations and even save lives.
  21. The phrase “peanut gallery” comes from the 1800’s when people sitting in the audience upper levels of stage productions would throw peanuts at performers if they didn’t like what they were seeing.
  22. Peanut flowers are yellow.

  23. Peanut oil can reduce cholesterol, protect a healthy heart, prevent cancer, improve cognitive function, strengthen the immune system, lower blood pressure, protect the skin, and improve the nervous system.
  24. Half of the top ten best selling candy bars in the US contain peanuts.
  25. Astronaut Allen B. Sheppard brought a peanut with him to the moon. It was the first intergalactic nut! (Or intergalactic legume, as you know, if you read fun fact number 10)
  26. Grand Saline, TX holds the title of the world’s largest peanut butter and jelly sandwich weighing in at 1,342 pounds.
  27. There are enough peanuts in one acre to make 30,000 peanut butter sandwiches.
  28. The speed record for eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches is six in one minute.
  29. 94% of US homes regularly use peanut
  30. We use certified peanuts in all of our peanut products including Original Peanut, Chocolate Crisp, and Chocolate Peanut Butter BumbleBars as well as Peanut Butter Cookie JunoBars.

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