25 Spokane Spring Activities

It’s spring in Spokane! As the weather warms up, we can finally pull out that list of activities we put away for the winter and the cold. Spokane is great because it has a variety of seasonal activities we can enjoy in any weather, but these are the things we might not participate in until we can leave the heavy coat at home.

1. ArtFest

The Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture is a great educational outing in any season, but every June the MAC puts on ArtFest, an Inland Northwest tradition. This June 1st through 3rd, check out Browne’s Addition for the 33rd annual outdoor festival featuring art, music, and food.

2. MAC Events

Spokane, Washington, MAC, Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture, BumbleBar, Spring, Museum of Arts and Culture

Speaking of the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture, check out the calendar on their website for all the spring events they’re planning! They’re offering “Get Messy” day camps, unique outdoor exercise sessions, and even local author guided wildflower and foliage tours.

3. Lilac Festival

Get downtown this April 22nd for the 80th annual Lilac Festival, put on by the nonprofit association of the same name. This year’s theme is “Swing into Spokane” and the goal and mission statement of the festival every year is to honor military, empower youth, and showcase our region. The Lilac Festival is the largest Torchlight Military Parade in the country, and it features floats, bands, military and equestrian groups, dancers, vintage cars, and more!

4. Elkfest

Elkfest is a FREE annual three-day festival that takes place downtown on the cobbled streets of Browne’s Addition. It’s full of fun, bands, and beer gardens. It has a very grassroots approach and a reputation for being Spokane’s best and only real neighborhood party. Get thee to Browne’s Addition June 8th through 10th to take part in the festivities.

5. Cat Tales Zoological ParkSpokane, Washington, WA, Wonderland, Put-Put Golfing, Go-Karting, Washington, Spokane, BumbleBar, WA, PNWPNW, West is Best, BumbleBar, Cat Tales Zoological Park, Cat Tales, Big Cats, Bob Cat, Zoo

If you haven’t visited the pretty kitties at Cat Tales Zoological Park yet, this spring is the perfect time to do it. It’s pretty amazing to see such big cats so close up, but it’s also very gratifying to support an organization whose mission is to provide a safe and secure home for the animals they’ve rescued.

6. Corbin Art Center

The Corbin Art Center is an organization that’s mission is to provide affordable and quality fine arts and crafts programs for all ages. For over fifty years they’ve developed programs that foster cognitive, creative, and personal growth. Check out their website to see the classes they offer this spring! Choose from programs like Glam Camp, Animal Art, 3D Creatures, and Sewing Boot Camp.

11. Mount SpokaneMount Spokane, Washington, Spokane, Spring, Quartz Mountain, BumbleBar, WA, PNW

While Mount Spokane buzzes more with snowboarders and skiers in the winter, the hiking trails open up and flourish in the spring. Check online for all the trails you could take, but we highly recommend putting Quartz Mountain lookout at the top of your list. The breathtaking view looks all the way out at Idaho and Canada.

7. The Lilac Bloomsday Run

Also known as Bloomsday, the Lilac Bloomsday Run is a 12km race held in downtown Spokane every year, but if you’ve spent almost any time here, you already know that. The 42nd annual race takes place on May 6th this year, and even though the first day of spring was a couple of weeks ago, most Spokanites don’t consider the season official until the race.

13. Riverside State ParkRiverside State Park, Washington, Spokane, Bowl and Pitcher, Spring, BumbleBar, WA, PNW

Riverside State Park, often referred to as Bowl and Pitcher, is a 14,000-acre camping park that runs along the Spokane and Little Spokane rivers. It’s great for camping and day hikes alike. Now that it’s warmer you don’t have to wade through snow to cross the suspension bridge or worry about slipping when climbing the park’s beautiful rock formations.

9. Spokane Party Trolley

The Spokane Party Trolley is an 8-16 passenger pedal-powered party bike that groups can pedal through the streets of downtown Spokane. Averaging speeds of 4mph, the Party Trolley is perfect for sipping and sightseeing.

10. Riverfront Park

Riverfront Park, Washington, Spokane, Spring, World's Fair, BumbleBar, WA, PNW, Radio Flyer

More than beautiful walks along the water, Riverfront Park offers some of Spokane’s biggest local art hits. Snap a spring photo of you sliding down the giant wagon or climbing the oversized kid’s blocks while you ogle the clock tower and iconic World’s Fair tent.

11. Arbor Crest Wine Cellars

Arbor Crest Wine Cellars appropriately sits on Fruit Road and doubles as an event venue and a nice night out. Twice a week they offer live music that you can enjoy amongst their gorgeous gardens while sipping on wine by the flight, glass, or bottle.

12. Manito Park

Manito Park, Washington, Spokane, Rose Hill Garden, Spring, BumbleBar, WA, PNW, Duncan Garden,

Manito Park is a beautiful 90-acre stretch of land that is basically four wildly different parks in one location. To name a few, there’s the Duncan Garden that will make you feel like British royalty, the Japanese Garden that makes you feel one with the gorgeous koi fish there, and Rose Hill Garden which transports you to what feels like a wealthy southern woman’s backyard.

13. Spring Skiing at 49 Degrees

You thought your chance to hit the slopes were finished for the year, but you’re wrong! In fact, if you visit 49 Degrees North Mountain Resort anytime between now and Sunday (April 8th), you ski for free!

14. Palisades Park

Palisades, Palisades Park Washington, Spring, Spokane, BumbleBar, WA, PNW, Hiking

Palisades Park is a 700 acre stretch of land west of the city that accommodates hikers, bikers, and horse rides on trails overlooking beautiful views of the city and surrounding forests. It’s the perfect trail if you’re looking to take a leisurely walk and some gorgeous photos.

15. John A Finch Arboretum

The John A Finch Arboretum is a botanical collection of trees and plants that have been labeled for field study. It contains native and cultivated plants, a pine forest, and a shady glen full of rhododendrons for visitors to enjoy for free.

16. Huntington Park

Huntington Park, Huntington, Washington, Spokane, BumbleBar, WA, PNW, Monroe Street Bridge

To experience the falls like never before, head downtown to Huntington Park for a 360 view of the cascading Spokane waterfalls. Stroll down the park’s walkway and experience local art along with the mist of the falls.

17. Dishman Hills

Dishman Hills is a woodland area tucked between Spokane Spokane Valley. Much like the John A Finch Arboretum, it’s home to many unique native plants and animals as well as hiking, running, and environmental education opportunities.

18. Centennial Trail State Park

Centennial Park Trail, Centennial, Washington, Spokane, BumbleBar, WA, PNW, River

With 37 miles of this park stretching across the county, Centennial Trail offers something for everyone. Whether you’re interested in a leisurely river walk, a long stretch of biking trail, or a shady road to jog on, the Centennial Trail has you covered.

19. Minnehaha Park

Minnehaha Park is a 39-acre park that’s been around for over a century. The most notable thing about this park is that it’s said to be haunted. Enjoy a nice stroll in the park during the day. Stage an episode of Ghost Hunters if you venture there at night.

21. Greenbluff

Greenbluff, Greenbluff Growers, Washington, Spokane, BumbleBar, WA, PNW, Pumpkin Patch

Greenbluff offers year-round festivities, but it’s always a wonderful place to visit just as it’s starting to get warmer. Strawberry picking seasons will hit in June! Until then you can always drive or walk amongst the multiple beautiful farms that make up the Greenbluff community.

22. Moore-Turner Heritage Gardens

The garden isn’t open until May, but when the doors open go tag along with a garden tour and learn the long story behind the park, it’s restoration, and enjoy the historic foliage.

23. Put-Put Golf and Go-Karting at Wonderland

Wonderland, Put-Put Golfing, Go-Karting, Washington, Spokane, BumbleBar, WA, PNW

Wonderland, the family fun center on the Northside of Spokane offers indoor activities even when it’s cold out, but when spring hits it opens the outdoor put-put golf and go-karting areas! If you’d still rather be indoors, spend some time at their arcade or blacklight mini golf course.

24. Mountain Biking at Camp Sekani

Hit the trails at Camp Sekani for some excellent spring mountain biking. It offers a dog-friendly wooded park with trails for hiking in addition to cycling, plus a frisbee and golf course.

25. Relish Food Tours

Let local guides take you around the best culinary highlights Spokane has to offer. Learn about historic buildings and quiet corners of the city while your taste buds are tantalized.


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