Which BumbleBar Is Calling Your Name?

Here at BumbleBar, we like to think each one of our bars has a nice little personality of its own. While Paradise Pineapple likes to feel the sand between its toes and falls asleep to the sound of waves, Chai Almond is leaping through the foothills of the Himalayas getting closer and closer to those really big mountains. Take the quiz below and see which bar matches your lifestyle.

Which BumbleBar? BumbleBar


Joel Salatin, BumbleBar, BumbleBars


  1. Spot on! My favorite is the original or anything nutty!

  2. Well my personal favorites are Awesome Apricot, Lemon and chunk cherry! I have been wanting to try the Paridise Pineapple but, they were sold out the last time I placed my order! According to the Quiz it is right on! Thanks Bumble Bar for making such an awesome and healthy snack! Even my littlest of children (1 1/2) loves your bars!

  3. Let’s catch a wave!

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