Forest Fires in Washington – Poor Air Quality

One of the best smells in the world is that classic campfire aroma that instantly shoots you back to s’mores, ghost stories and guitar strumming. As I’m finally starting to admit to myself that the summer might be over, that smell is one of the things getting me most excited for fall.

I’ve just gone on about how much I love campfire smell but there is also a time and a place. I stepped out of my office door earlier this week and was confused why I didn’t have a s’more in my hands and why Wagon Wheel wasn’t being played. The smell was overwhelming and the air quality brought me back to the streets of New Delhi. Forest Fires are currently raging across central Washington, Oregon and Idaho badly enough that smoke has made it’s way to Spokane. The USDA Forest Service has an active fire mapping program if you want to see where fires are near you: They also recommend staying outside if the air quality is too poor.

Here at BumbleBar, we’re pretty vocal about how lucky we are to have this beautiful planet to play on. With Glenn currently hiking in Yosemite, Mary making weekend plans to climb in Post Falls and Liz dreaming of rafting, we’re big proponents of getting outside as long as it is done in a sustainable way. At the core of our mission, vision and business practices is social responsibility.

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  1. Thank you for the reminder! Synrgy is in Montana and oh man it’s smokey!! Hard to breath – drove from Missoula to Bozeman yesterday with bandanas on our faces. Let the rains fall!

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