Paradise on the Lochsa River

I am feeling so blessed! I just got back from an amazing 5-day camping/boating trip on the Lochsa River in Idaho. The Lochsa River is very special place because it is one of the few designated wild and scenic rivers in the lower 48 states. Wild and scenic it is! Miles of untrammeled wilderness line the banks of the river.

 Fun on the Lochsa river in Idaho, BumbleBar, Lochsa River, Idaho

Fun on the Lochsa river in Idaho

I am lucky to have good friends who are also expert rafters. Before my friend Laura and I even met at a co-op preschool a number of years ago, people told us both that we would get along famously because we had so much in common. We had both spent lots of time in the wilderness, we both drive blue Priuses, we had both been to over 100 Grateful Dead shows, we both are very passionate about healthy food, we had girls similar ages and more….

Laura and her husband Mark have been very generous with their whitewater gear and expertise. My family has been so fortunate to go on multiple rafting trips with their family. Some of the trips have been multi night camping trips with kids on the raft, sleeping on beautiful sandy beaches and hiking up to petroglyphs. Other trips have been more action packed like barreling through class 4 rapids. So fun!!! The adults take turns watching the kids in the campground while the parents bounce through rough water, grinning all the way!

One day, we hiked up to the Jerry Johnson Hot Springs and got to see a moose close up and personal. I was a little nervous with the kids in tow. We slowly and quietly slunk by on the trail while Mr. Moose continued dining.

We then spent a blissful afternoon lounging and playing in the hot springs with the kids. Incredible!

I hope you all are enjoying your summer. I would love to see some of your summer adventure pictures on the BumbleBar Facebook page.

Thanks for your support!

Liz Ward, Founder of BumbleBar

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