Ingredient Highlight: Organic Cocoa

Chocolate Peanut Butter, Chocolate Mint, and of course Chocolate Crisp (now on sale!) BumbleBars all contain delicious rich organic cocoa! Even our JunoBar recipes, like Brownie Batter, include bittersweet organic, cocoa. Did you know that cocoa is not actually brown in color when it’s first grown? It’s actually has a very bright white hue and looks nothing like your average piece of chocolate.. Take a quick peek at the infographic below to see what you’ve really been snacking on!

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This information was gathered using Wikipedia, and United Cocoa Processor, Inc.

Delicious, Nutritious, Gluten Free, Ethically Sourced, Kid Approved, Vegan Approved, Organic Energy, Sesame Snack Bars!
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