10 Health Benefits of Drinking Warm Water

As January brings in 2018 just as cold as December left 2017, we find ourselves adding to the ways we try to stay warm. We start with sweatshirts, heavy socks, and undershirts. We graduate to blankets, space heaters, and excessive showers and baths. Finally, we’re here at the final attempt to stay warm: imbibing warm water.

While drinking tea or hot water is an excellent way to keep yourself warm as the snows fall, it’s also a very healthy practice for your mind and body.

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50 Things to Do When It’s Just Too Dang Cold Outside

The Spokane area has been chilly since late November, and January (unsurprisingly) hasn’t done us any favors either. Compared to the rest of the country, we’re pretty lucky to stay just above freezing most days, but that doesn’t mean we like facing the cold any better. While Spokane has a myriad of amazing outdoor winter activities to offer, that’s not everyone’s ‘cup of tea.’ Some people’s ‘cup of tea’ is an actual cup of tea by a warm fire inside, away from the cold. The following list is for those people once they get tired of lounging by that fire and want some ideas for what else they could do indoors this winter:

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Tofu Tour: Vegan Roasted Veggie and Tofu Buddha Bowl

Tofu is one of those funny foods that everyone seems to say the same thing about. Usually, that thing is along the lines of, “it doesn’t really taste like anything.” While it’s true that plain tofu on its lonesome is pretty underwhelming, the same could be said about bread, and we find plenty of delicious ways to dress up and eat that. Unlike most bread, however, tofu is both a nutrient dense food and an excellent source of protein.

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Coffee Can Craft Idea

If you’re like many of us at BumbleBar, then you go through your coffee like a fiend. Some of us drive through a line every morning for our caffeine, some of us use the Keurig machine at work, and some of us make it ourselves at home. One of the more economical ways of making coffee at home is through buying coffee grounds in those huge gallon coffee cans. On my own, I’ve managed to go through two of those drums in the last four years, so I decided that I needed to make something out of it instead of just recycling the container.

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50 Flexible, No-Stress New Year’s Resolutions

The end of December brings a lot of excitement with it. After all of our various winter holiday festivities, we anticipate the new year while celebrating the one we just had. Some of us do one or the other by throwing a party and/or making resolutions. The general belief we all have about New Year’s resolutions is that they’re difficult to stick to and people rarely complete theirs. This must just mean that we’re making our New Year’s resolutions way too unrealistic to pull off.

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10 Vegetarian Dishes for an Alternative Holiday Menu

The holidays are wonderful for so many reasons. There’s time for family, festivities, holiday traditions, and I’m told that some people even like the winter. On top of all those wonderful things to enjoy about this time of year, there’s food. Oh, food! Warm, hearty food is especially important right now, vegetarian or otherwise. It heats our bellies and helps us develop a protective layer of fat for added warmth against the cold, whether we want that or not.

Among the traditions we hold dear during the holidays, food is an important one. We all have that one dish we look forward to every December that only our Uncle could pull off just right. We all anticipate that festive annual dessert that our Grandma never fails to bring with her.

Since I stopped eating meat six years ago, some of my food traditions changed at Christmas. Every year since that lifestyle adjustment my sweet Mom asks me if I have any special requests that she can make for any of our holiday meals. I’m always more than happy with the abundance of meat-less sides we have at our table, but maybe you’re hoping to have a meatless holiday this year as well.

Whether you’re just cutting back on meat, have been a vegetarian all your life, or are just looking for a tasty recipe, here are some scrumptious options for the holiday that will spice up your celebration and might just make it into your yearly food traditions.

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5 Last Minute DIY Gift Ideas

The holidays have been upon us since dinner was finished up on Thanksgiving, but if you celebrate Christmas, then you really need to have your present ducks in a row by now. I certainly don’t, which is why I was inspired to write on this topic of a last-minute DIY gift. At first, I was doing internet searches for just, “last minute gifts” without adding “DIY.” That part came later after reading some of the first results that came up.

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BumbleBar Testimony: Superstar Hiking Snacks!

The other day we received an email from a very lovely customer who wanted to share what activities she fuels with BumbleBar energy. As an avid hiker, Diana (Seattle, WA) appreciates having healthy, whole food, energy packed and portable snacks to sustain her on the trails. Below she describes a day she got through her hike on coffee, water, and a Lushus Lemon BumbleBar.

Diana’s Story

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BumbleBars on Vashon Island

Back in 1995, Liz made the very first BumbleBar and pretty soon afterward, she and Glenn set up shop on Vashon Island near Seattle, producing and distributing bars. One of the stores where BumbleBars were available was a community staple called True Value. It’s since become an Ace Hardware, but current employee Katy Sassara reports that the store hasn’t lost any of its local warmth and still sells BumbleBars!

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It’s always nice to connect with BumbleBar customers and distributors, but hearing from Katy was especially wonderful because she’s both! She reports some of her early memories of the store and the treat it was to visit and buy a BumbleBar.

As Vashon Island and its local Ace Hardware store hold a special place in our hearts, it was wonderful to read the answers Katy provided for some questions we had:

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Tofu Tour: Almond Crusted Tofu Nuggets

Do you love the idea of tofu, but get stuck when trying to plan how to prepare it? Here at BumbleBar, we love plant-based sources of protein, so we wanted to explore some creative tofu recipes to see how many ways we could eat this versatile food. There are so many ways to make tofu, but we started by making Almond Crusted Tofu Nuggets with Lime Avocado Dip and we’re pretty glad we did. Want to make it too? Follow along!

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