So, Why’s It Called a JunoBar?

Let us introduce you to BumbleBar’s sister, JunoBar!

For those who haven’t heard of her, JunoBar is BumbleBar’s closest relative and sweetest sister. JunoBars provide a delicious date based alternative to the sesame based BumbleBar. The bars were born in 2013 under the craftsmanship of BumbleBar’s own CEO, Liz Ward. The bars combine crunchy quinoa with sweet dates to create a unique flavor. JunoBars are available in three delicious flavors: apple crisp, brownie batter, and peanut butter cookie.

Why name it “JunoBar”?

Juno, the Roman goddess of vital energy, is the inspiration for the name “JunoBar.” The first reason is because of Juno’s role as the protector of women. Although Juno watches over the nation as a whole she is especially protective over women’s lives. Juno’s attention to the well-being of women reflects BumbleBar’s values as a women-owned company.

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Secondly, Juno’s best traits are those that can be found in a JunoBar. Juno is known for her femininity but that’s not her only admirable trait. More prominently, she is known for her strength, vital energy, and eternal youthfulness. Our JunoBars emulate the same vital energy. The vitamin-dense, ethically sourced ingredients promote youthfulness through a nutritious diet.


Finally, JunoBars reflect the superiority of this beautiful goddess. Juno is known as “The Queen of the Gods.” Similarly, JunoBar is considered to be “The Queen of the Bars.” Every flavor is completely organic, gluten-free, vegetarian and incredibly gratifying, making them far superior to other date based bars.

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We don’t blame you. The rich nuttiness of organic peanut butter, tart apples, or sweet cocoa makes us weak at the knees too.

Can’t decide what flavor to buy? Grab yourself a JunoBar variety pack to try all three flavors!

Apple Crisp: Delicious flavors of cinnamon apple crisp with protein-rich quinoa and a dash of sweetness from vanilla and honey.

Brownie BatterEverything you love about luscious chocolate mixed with protein-rich quinoa, fiber-filled chia seeds and a kiss of vanilla.

Peanut Butter Cookie: A wholesome twist on the classic peanut butter cookie combines protein-rich quinoa and a hint of honey.

Tell us your favorite JunoBar (or BumbleBar) flavor in the comments below and you’ll be entered to win a FREE BOX OF JUNOBARS!

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5 Things You Might Not Know About BumbleBar

BumbleBar has been around for 21 rockin’ years, and we’re still going strong! But do you know everything about your favorite, gluten-free snack bar? Let’s find out!


1. When founder Liz Ward set out to build her gluten-free snack brand, she initially came up with the name Harmony Organics. (Her first logo was designed with cool purple tones, very different from the bright reds and yellows in today’s current logo.) However, after she realized the name Harmony Organics wasn’t available due to trademarking, Liz decided to call her business BumbleBar instead!

2. Now this is by far my favorite BumbleBar fact. The numbers in BumbleBar’s UPC codes actually reflect the dates of when Liz’s children were born – how awesome is that?! It’s a Barcode Birthday Bash!

3. When BumbleBar’s business was very first beginning, Liz hand sealed the packaging of every single snack bar by herself! Yep, that’s right! Every. Single. One. She used the machine pictured below to heat seal the ends of the wrapper together. By pressing on a pedal with your foot, the heat seal clamps shut around the packaging and that’s how the bars are wrapped! Before she owned the slab line, Liz would stomp away on her little machine and rock out to her favorite Grateful Dead songs!



4. As you probably already know, the sesame seed is the primary ingredient in all of the delicious BumbleBars. But what you didn’t know, is that Liz’s original idea, back in the 90’s, was to use soybeans in order to create an entirely different product! She had planned to combine brewer’s yeast, tamari, and the soybeans, to make a snack mix unlike any other. But after giving it some thought, she eventually decided to use the powerful sesame seed to create what is now known as, the BumbleBar.

5. In today’s busy world, we market ourselves through social media, such as Instagram and Facebook. Well, in 1995 we didn’t have Instagram. Liking each other’s photos, comments, and products consisted of nothing more than forming a fist and sticking our thumbs towards tliz-glenn_-yoga-event-in-bouhe sky. So, without the share button to help her, Liz recruited Glenn to pack up her BumbleBars and take marketing to the streets! Passing out BumbleBars to passersby, he visited festivals far and wide across the Pacific Northwest. A few years ago, Glenn and Liz both got to sell BumbleBars at the Hanuman Yoga Festival in beautiful Boulder Colorado!



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