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Liz Ward, AKA The Dreamer.

Back in 1995, I had a vision. I could combine my greatest passions, healthy food and environmental and social activism into one great tasting snack bar.  Back then, nobody was making an all organic energy bar. I wanted to use simple, whole foods. All of my ingredients needed to be organic and dairy free. No junk. No chemicals. No pesticides. I came up with the BumbleBar. The best tasting, whole food bar possible. I did not need to fortify my bars with lab produced vitamins and minerals because my bars were naturally nutrient dense. All of my friends and most importantly my son, Jed, loved my creation. I love making BumbleBars because I get to make available yummy food choices that support health while at the same time they improve the health of the planet and the people who grown the food. I do not compromise.

My Mom always taught me that I could make a difference. I do that every day with BumbleBar. I buy literally tons of organic ingredients from farmers around the world. My commitment to ethical sourcing contributes to healthier environments for our farmers and their children. What’s more, the organic ingredients used in all our products help keep water supplies clean, the earth fertile, and the biosphere free of pesticides. We are also helping to build a school in Ethiopia for the kids from the coop that we buy our sesame from.

I am fortunate to work for social/economic justice and environmental sustainability. BumbleBar provides living wage jobs. Last year, I donated more than 5% of sales to in kind donations. This is what inspires and excites me every day.

Thank you for helping me make the world a better place!

Liz Ward, Founder and Owner of BumbleBar Inc.

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