I had a vision back in 1995. I was going to change the world through my mouth-watering organic food. Delectable BumbleBars boast organic ingredients like antioxidant-loaded fruits and heart-healthy nuts in a vegan and gluten-free bar. Unlike most other bars, BumbleBars use all organic ingredients. In fact, we were the very first certified organic food bar. Our bars have between 3-5 grams of fiber and 5-7 grams of protein. You get all of this in a delicious, simple, pure, organic bar. Not only do you get a scrumptious healthy snack when you buy a BumbleBar but you are also supporting worker owned co-ops and family farms around the world!

- Liz Ward

Of course! BumbleBars are certified gluten-free. We use no wheat or wheat family products in our bar. Our entire facility is gluten free! Unlike our competitors, we handcraft our bars in our own facility so that we can ensure that our high standards of ethical business practice are followed all the way through our company from the co-op farmers growing the ingredients to the worker rolling out the bars in our factory here in Washington.

YES! Unlike many other bars, every BumbleBar product contains at least 95% of organic ingredients. Using organic fruit and nuts means that our ingredients are free of pesticides and herbicides. Organic is better for everyone and everything.

Absolutely! All of our BumbleBars are certified kosher, which is a religious dietary practice rooted in Jewish tradition. Our facility is completely dairy-free and all of our BumbleBars are vegan. Kosher certification is a process by which we ensure our food is fit for consumption by those observing a kosher diet. 

BumbleBars do not contain honey, but the name BumbleBar is meant to evoke thoughts of bumblebees and open a dialogue about the positive benefits of organic farming.. Not only do those cute Bumble Bees pollinate the plants that are responsible for many of our ingredients, especially almonds, but they are also the first animal affected by pesticides and herbicides.  Bumblebees pollinate our plant-based ingredients and are generally gentle unaggressive creatures. They promote organic farming practices, just like we do and each bee has its own special job, just like everyone on the BumbleBar team!

We believe that in order to be truly sustainable we need to follow our values all the way through our business. Sourcing packaging and ingredients from low-wage countries like every other bar on the market would be a lot cheaper but our goal with BumbleBar is not just to make healthy delicious food but to genuinely make the world a better place. So many companies claim to be the first organic bar, claim to practice sustainability, claim this or that. We practice what we preach.

BumbleBars are not raw bars. The sesame seed, the primary ingredient, is delivered to us raw, as is the flax seed. However, all our nuts are dry-roasted and our binders are heated. JunoBars, on the other hand, are! Raw food is uncooked, unprocessed food. Raw food may include a selection of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, eggs, fish, meats, and dairy products. 

Both the Chai Almonds and the Lushus Lemon contain an organic soy crisp. The soy crisp that we use is a puffed, dehydrated soy bean. This is not the same as a soy protein isolate. Finally, all of the bars contain a very small amount of natural vitamin e derived from non-gmo soy. This is used to extend the shelf life on our very minimally processed bars.

We are SQF Certified! SQF stands for Safe Quality Food, is recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and links primary production certification to food manufacturing, distribution, and agent/broker management certification. Administered by the Food Marketing Institute (FMI), SQF benefits from continual retailer feedback about consumer concerns. Learn more here!

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